Thursday, Dec 7, 2023

GameSir Mini Controller Review - "Pocket Sized" and "Punching for the Skies".

How small is a pocket-sized controller for gaming? We find this very exciting. GameSir's T4 Mini is more than its price.

It was difficult to find a Bluetooth controller that works for mobile phones a few years back. Now, there are many brands who offer small, portable controllers that can be used for this purpose. GameSir decided to create a smaller and more compact version of their t4 range. It turned out that this was a smart move.

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The T4 was already a beautiful controller with a familiar Xbox 360-style button layout and design. This, along with the extra buttons and fun light up made it an easy alternative to the official Xbox-feeling PC route. Next came the T4 Pro. This version was twice as Xbox-like, but it had a 6-axis gyroscope and MFI support. It also worked with mobile devices. The T4 Mini was next, and it is interesting that it shuns the Xbox design in favor of the Switch Pro controller shape.

GameSir T4 Mini side view

GameSir Mini T4 Design

This is a smart design choice because the controller becomes smaller by removing the extended hand grips. Although the Nintendo button mapping might not suit everyone, the controller can be easily redesigned and the colour-coding matches that of the Xbox.

There are some clever design changes too. To accommodate the curve of this controller, the X- and Y buttons are taller than those on the A and B. The controller feels solid, even though it is lighter than the counterparts. This makes it easy to hold in your hands.

It's very appealing to click analogue sticks

I love the loud clicking of the analogue sticks and the D-Pad when it is rocked in one direction... but the latter feels a little old-fashioned with modern controllers that have the circular D-Pad design that allows easy diagonals.

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The buttons and triggers should feel as tactile and loud as the sticks. In fact, I find the triggers to be quite hollow. Although the extra buttons in the middle of controller make the same noise as the sticks, I believe that it is because they are clicking into voids between components.

GameSir T4 Mini front view presentation

The extra buttons, which are not so much extra here as the Turbo, +/-, –, Home, and Menu buttons, are very well placed and don’t feel out of place because they’re placed around the GameSir logo. This all feels professional and deliberate. It is a world away from third-party controllers.

GameSir Mini controller T4 - Final thoughts

This controller is great for running emulators. It is slightly larger than other controllers (8bitDo), so it doesn't feel awkward in larger hands. The GameSir T4 Mini is a better option than the official controllers due to its natty lighting and adjustable sound, especially considering the price.

A Bluetooth controller is almost an essential item in this age of streaming services. The GameSir T4 Mini is a great choice.

GameSir Mini Controller Review - "Pocket Sized" and "Punching for the Skies".

A Bluetooth controller is almost an essential item in this age of streaming services. The GameSir T4 Mini is incredibly versatile and affordable.