Thursday, Dec 7, 2023

Oculus Quest 2 will get Xbox Game Pass, but only xCloud streaming

Henry Stockdale >Published at 10:46 ET, October 12, 2022 >Gaming hardwareOculusMetaConnect 2022 was a highlight for VR enthusiasts. This announcement, along with Meta officially confirming Meta Quest Pro, also included some unexpected Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest2) reveals. Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, confirmed that the Meta Quest Store will soon have the Xbox Game Pass library.

However, this doesn't mean we will suddenly get VR versions of big hits like Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon 5. Connect 2022 with Microsoft Flight Simulator demonstrated that you can connect your Xbox controller to stream flatscreen 2D games to your headset.

This is possible through Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is a streaming platform that only Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers have access to and allows them to play hundreds of games. Meta compares it to having a private movie theatre available at all hours, thereby confirming Meta Quest 2's leadership position in the market for best VR headset.

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Support for other VR headsets is not available beyond Meta Quest Pro and Quest 2. It is unclear whether Xbox Cloud Gaming will be available on the original Oculus Quest, even though it receives regular updates. We wouldn't rule out it, however, given Microsoft's ongoing push to bring Xbox Game Pass on new platforms. The Oculus Blog did not provide a release date, but stated that "we hope we can share more about this as soon as we can."

Cloud gaming is not for you? Meta Connect 2022 has news about several Quest 2 native games. The release dates for Among Us VR, November 10, and The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2 (December 1) have been confirmed. Iron Man VR, a PSVR exclusive, will also be making the leap, launching for Meta Quest 2 in November 3. If you are a VR enthusiast, there will be plenty of big releases in the coming months.