Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023

This free tool will allow you to boot your Oculus headset into SteamVR.

OculusQuest 2 users have good news: OculusKiller, an open-source tool that allows them to bypass the Oculus Dash in order to load directly into Steam VR, is now available. It removes one level of frustration for users who primarily play Steam games in VR.

Upload VR claims that OculusKiller replaces Oculus dash executable and loads Steam VR instead as soon as the headset is turned on. ItsKaitlyn03 developed this clever solution and it is available for download on GitHub. This straight-to-Steam solution can be found here.

This little fix is easy to implement. Only one file is required to be downloaded, placed in the Oculus directory, and another one renamed. It should work seamlessly from there.

ItsKaitlyn03 is the creator of OculusKiller. This makes it easier to load Steam VR from launch. It turns your Quest into something closer to a native SteamVR VR headset. It also improves performance.

Virtual reality

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The Oculus Dash can be shut down completely to save at least 200MB of memory and GPU performance. It is possible to get more out of your Steam games even if you don't care too much about initial load-in times and hassle.

It is also important to note that this will break Oculus-native gaming. ItsKaitlyn03 said they might still load but you won't have the ability to exit them due to Oculus Dash being closed. If you plan to use OculusKiller, they recommend Revive for Oculus games.

This software is not official and you shouldn't expect any support. ItsKaitlyn03 has warned that there could be bugs and asked people to report them.

There are a few already listed. OculusKiller doesn't work with Phasmophobia, which won our best co-op award in 2020. OculusKiller is a great way to save time and improve your performance when you play VR.