Thursday, Dec 7, 2023

Genshin Impact leaks new information on the PvP card game mode

Ethan Anderson >Published Aug 23, 2022 >Genshin ImpactIt is hard to believe that HoYoverse plans to add a card game to its popular RPG. But, a new Genshin Impact leak has revealed even more details that are difficult to ignore. After initially revealing that a Genshin Impact game card game was on the horizon, Mero is back. We knew nothing more than that the mode might include PvP, and that Battle Pass EXP was possible to be earned. They've now shared several noteworthy tidbits via a Twitter thread.

Mero leaks that the trading card game will offer online matchmaking and weekly commissions. These features can only be unlocked once you reach level 2 in the card game. The maximum level for the card games will reportedly be level 10, at the very least. Each level will allow a player to have more decks.

These tweets also explain some of the gameplay functions. Each card game begins with players choosing their character. The goal is to defeat every opponent's card character one by one. It seems that each deck contains character-based cards. The goal is to get them all out.

To determine how much Energy a player gains to use their skills, he or she will need to roll dice at each turn's beginning. This is just like regular combat. You can swap characters, just like Pokemon. However, it will cost you one point Energy. Strangely, however, the "T" in trading card game does not apply to this game. Players are not able trade cards with each other.

Mero is sometimes right about their leaks. However, it is important to remember that any information revealed so early can change and could be different than what is later.

We have a lot of information on Genshin Impact 3.0.

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