Thursday, Dec 7, 2023

Poll: Is Sony Hosting a PlayStation Showcase next Month?

Will Sony Host a PlayStation Showcase Next Month? Poll 1

Since the last PlayStation Showcase in 2013, it has been nearly a year since that event. Here, Sony typically unveils its largest first-party projects along with major announcements from other publishers. The event featured the unveilings of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (and Marvel's Wolverine) as well as a new trailer for God of War Ragnarok. We haven't seen much content from PlayStation Studios since then. The company did a surprisingly good State of Play event to fill in the E3 gap, but that was all about third party developers.

As we approach the month in which Sony has done a huge livestream about its first-party efforts for the past two year, are you expecting it to do the same for 2022. Next month, will Sony host a PlayStation Showcase? In the latest Push Square poll, we ask you this question.

Although it appears to have the content, Sony is yet to follow through with one. We have not been able to confirm that PlayStation Studios has any plans for a multiplayer version of The Last of Us. It has also confirmed deals it has made with other companies, some of which it now has under its control. We don't know much else besides these projects. What is Team Asobi doing? When will Firesprite Games reveal at least one of the many titles it is currently developing? Where is PixelOpus among all this?

Sony has a lot of potential developers it could reach out to for new game announcements and reveals, but are you confident that they will actually do so in the PlayStation Showcase next month. Vote in our poll, and then comment below to expand your selection.

Sony will not host a PlayStation Showcase next year.

Next month, will Sony host a PlayStation Showcase? (358 votes)

It won't break any of the traditions it has established18Yeah, most certainly -- I'm quite confident Sony will do something significant28Possibly, but I'm not sure24Probably not. Sony is hard to predict these days21No, absolutely not. Sony won't host one next month8
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