Thursday, Dec 7, 2023

Halo Infinite Tips for People Who Already Know What They Are Doing

Screenshot343 IndustriesHalo Infinite is long enough to be pretty proficient. There comes a time in competitive shooting--hey! No shame in that--when you reach a plateau. Your matches begin to play out exactly the same way as the 50 before them. You start to fall back on the same tactics and get the same results. While you aren't bored yet, you're also not growing. AdvertisementOver the past few months, several Kotaku staffers--editor-in-chief Patricia Hernandez, weekend editor Zack Zwiezen, and, obviously, myself--have collectively poured hundreds of hours into Halo Infinite's competitive multiplayer mode. I also spoke with top-flight Halo players who have also logged impressive hours. These tips, tricks and secrets will help you improve your Halo Infinite gaming experience.

Do not practice against bots

Perhaps the best way to improve your competitive Halo game is not to play against people but against bots. You can practice everything, from skill jumps to reticle placement, in Halo Infinite’s training mode called the Academy. You can learn where equipment and weapons spawn and find out their secrets. You can even do this without having to deal with the pressure cooker stakes of a match. Alexander "Shyway", a Halo Esports commentator and content writer, said that it was an experience unlike any other Halo game. It is a unique way to learn about reticle placement before and during gunfights. This ensures that you always know where your opponent will be, and that you are prepared for any shot. Continue reading: Why Halo Infinite's bots behave so much like people You can adjust settings as you go, such as your gear and the number of bots against which you are playing. It would be great if Halo Infinite had such a customized toolkit for its custom match mode. The key setting is to "reveal enemy locations". This will place a small red marker on any bot's location. It may seem sacrilegious given the cheating scandal plaguing Halo Infinite. However, bots won't mind you using wall hacks and will quietly sharpen your skills.
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