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Mobile Legends: Adventure codes (February 2023)

Updated on February 2nd, 2023 - Checked for new codes

Looking for Mobile Legends: Adventure codes you can redeem? Your search ends here, as this article comprises all the latest and active codes for the epic RPG, Mobile Legends: Adventure.

Moonton’s Mobile Legends: Adventure is a hit RPG that’s entirely based on the original MOBA title, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The heroes, items and all other elements are inspired by it. In this popular RPG, you will face unlimited challenges and your main aim is to protect the Land of Dawn.

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We also have a regularly updated tier list for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Make sure to take a look at that to get more information about the current meta.

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Mobile Legends: Adventure codes (February 2023)

ctive Mobile Legends: Adventure codesCheck out the latest MLA event for a chance to win Diamonds and more codes! FGZCWJ U4G8H9 3S7SRH2229C 8BS3S2 244WV7 SP3T7G22296 

Expired codes

D8XKVZ XT83Q622297 XYHFVD22299 SLCCX5 4336BV DWBFJC 5KWA9B FWT9L5 TRVRMU22295 MLADUNGEON P4VV54 8JESRQ22294 37KCEY SAUQSE SUMMER0826 X7BOVFUNXPTZ 5L8VNO S3M0PW TRPW762228N - Rewards: 500 Diamonds 6D92BD2228G 99WMXM2228H VVRTA5 CK3VEF2228D KQY7LX NEWERA0429KP38NH2228F RJYCD3 3NVCDR VNEKZHYEHQKS 7YQM6G - Rewards: 500 Diamonds YCZ8MR  - Rewards: 500 DiamondsEAKSUY2228C - Rewards: 300 DiamondsGU4PRS - Rewards: 1000 Diamonds 4th Mirage codeZ9D9A622288 - Rewards: 1000 Diamonds, 10 Premium Summon Scrolls, 500 Advance EssenceK54G8B - Rewards: 500 DiamondsPTFCPC22289 - Rewards: 500 DiamondsL2WGN8 - Rewards: 500 DiamondsQR2GYJ - Rewards: 500 Diamonds  MLA9453 - Rewards: 777 Diamonds, 2 Premium Summon Scrolls, 100k Battle PointsWJDZ7G2227D - Rewards: Chest with different sums for everyone! WS8DYD22286 - Rewards: 500 DiamondsVANOSS415 - Rewards: 300 DiamondsXMASFUN689 - Rewards: 1,000 Diamonds, 20 Premium Summon ScrollsMBZHQ5 - Rewards: 1000 DiamondsHJPHU222277 - Rewards: 500 DiamondsTNEEY822275 - Rewards: 500 Diamonds CUNZJZ22274 - Rewards: 500 Advance Essence, 10 Premium Summon Scrolls, 1 Monthly Pass Coupon6OQGJ7 - Rewards: 500 Diamonds8TKYE8 03PSBH - Rewards: 400 DiamondsCARNIVAL - keep trying the code until it's available againMLAISFIRE MLAISLIT MLAXMPLSZYP34DPW4TBCGUNBA22264 BFU77C22263KB7LF7 - Rewards: 500 Diamonds5TS2JD22262 - Rewards: 500 DiamondsDKMEQF2225W – Redeem the code to get 500 DiamondsTBBVUA – Redeem the code to get 500 Diamonds888888 AKAKURO775WYYQZXSGXZJSUMMER777HOTMLAU6PTKZ2224VR3Z428AKAKURO77MLAFBFANMLA1YEARMLAFBGOMQS9SEM6GUU500NATAN00MLMLA0908549DNS2223W6MTDUW2223W2QL6WUGJ4HUFEV4UTW2223U47BWK42223ST6J3GG2223RHVXFZM2223QMLAXMASMLAREDDITMLADISCORDMLAIG500KSJOBY3VMNFZA2224847BWK42223S8G763N22239AU5ZWR2223JEV4UTW2223UHV4K4V2223KHVXFZM2223QMLA1YEARMLADISCORDMLAFBGOMLAHPBD1MLAIG500KMLAISFIREMLAREDDITMLAXMASMLMLA0908SUKNBJ2223MT6J3GG2223R

How to redeem the Mobile Legends: Adventure codes?

Follow the steps below to easily redeem the codes:

Launch Mobile Legends: AdventureTap on the Event page, followed by the notice board iconTap on the Redeem CD Key button on the left side of the screenCopy one of the Mobile Legends: Adventure codes from the list aboveTap on confirm to claim itMobile Legends Hayabusa best build, emblems and combos

How to get more Mobile Legends: Adventure codes?

In order to find more codes for Mobile Legends: Adventure, you can follow the official Twitter and Facebook handles of the game. Also, keep us visiting regularly as we keep this updated with new codes.

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