Thursday, Dec 7, 2023

Show 22: How to Update Your Rosters

Regardless of how good a player is, their performance won't always be the same. The same holds true in baseball and MLB The Show 22 strives to replicate that with updated player ratings every week. How to update MLB The Show 22 rosters.

Let's take a look at how they work. Every month, MLB The Show 22 analyzes the performance of MLB players and adjusts their stats accordingly. If a player hits home runs for enjoyment, their rating will only go up.

However, if a player is having a hard time hitting the ball, throwing out or fumbling catch, their MLB The Show22 rating will drop. This is all to create a more authentic and immersive baseball experience that reflects the highs and lows in player form.

How to update MLB The Show 22's Rosters

It is quite simple, especially if your console is connected to an internet connection.

Simply load up MLB The Show 22, and the game will download the most recent rosters. You can then go to the Diamond Dynasty menu and select the Rosters option. Then, save the rosters to your game manually.

You won't have the ability to play with the latest rosters in MLB The Show 22, if your console isn’t connected to an internet connection. Instead, connect to the internet and go to Diamond Dynasty. Then, select the Rosters option. Save the updated rosters to your computer.

This is all you need to know about how to update rosters on MLB The Show 22. Twinfinite has more information, tips, and guides.

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