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Soul Knight tier list - Every character ranked

You're looking to play a powerful character and pass through all the levels with ease? This Soul Knight tier list will help you decide who to pick and why.

In this amazing pixelated roguelike RPG, you can pick a hero of your choice and adventure into all sorts of dungeons, challenge monsters, and loot your heart out. Of course, just like every roguelike out there, Soul Knight features a plethora of twists and turns (and we're not talking about the turns you take in the dungeons). One of the biggest considerations would also be the characters you play.

Each unique hero you can choose to play in Soul Knight has a backstory, a different price, and a unique starting weapon - after all, you wouldn't expect the Wizard to walk around firing a shotgun, right? And if you've ever thought about which of these powerful warriors should be your main character, keep on reading because we'll tell you everything you need to know.

The best heroes in Soul Knight

What you can expect from a top-tier Soul Knight character is not only strength in terms of attack but also decent health points, Energy, and Armour - this is to make sure you can survive as well as take down enemies in a timely manner.

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You will be able to interact in the lobby with all of the characters, where you can also learn a little bit about their personalities and what you can expect from them. Of course, not all of the heroes are made equal, so they can be unlocked by various means - from spending Gems to buying them with real-life money or completing achievements.

Soul Knight tier list - Every character ranked

It's also good to know that all of the characters have alternate skins that a player can purchase. These won't affect the play style - just the looks of the hero. That's important if you want to keep one or two characters as your main, but still want to change things up a bit in terms of visuals.

Every character can be unique to each player based on the way they like to play the game. Keep in mind that not all the S-tier units will be that good for a player who doesn't actually enjoy playing them - at the end of the day, you should always pick a hero that you genuinely enjoy! 

So, what's the actual Soul Knight tier list of all the best heroes? Let's dive right in!

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1 Soul Knight - S Tier

Soul Knight tier list - Every character ranked

Characters in this tier are the absolute best. They will be powerful enough from the very start, and even more so after a few upgrades. We recommend choosing one of them as your main.

AssassinPaladinRogueNecromancerSpecial ForcesEngineer

Assassin - While his HP is not that high, his armour and ATK are good. He's a very good and mobile unit that can slash through enemies with ease.

Paladin - The Paladin's HP is extremely low, but his Armor is the highest in the game. With the right choice of weapon, this character is easily a top-tier one.

Necromancer - With high Energy and Armor, the Necromancer is a great short-ranged hero that can perform strong melee attacks that can also reduce the enemy's DEF if upgraded (Nightmare skill).

2 Soul Knight - A Tier

Soul Knight tier list - Every character ranked

A-tier heroes are pretty good, but there might need to be a little bit more strategy involved in the late-game and during boss fights. They can be powerful, and if you decide to use one of these heroes as your main, you will need to learn all of their strengths and weaknesses to make them shine.

KnightRobotInterdimension TravelerTaoistAirbenderTrap Master

Knight - The starter character, the Knight, is a powerful unit that has above-average stats and is a great beginner unit. If fully upgraded, it can be top-tier, depending on the weapon of choice.

Robot - While the Robot doesn't seem extremely powerful (low stats on average) on paper, his Armour is the second best in the game after the Paladin, and his skills are something to behold as well, which is what lands him in the A tier.

Airbender - This is a character unlocked by completing the "No Discord, No Concord" achievement, who can offer some pretty neat buffs as well as high Energy and Crit.

3 Soul Knight - B Tier

Soul Knight tier list - Every character ranked

Heroes that fall under the B tier are decent, but we don't recommend investing too much time in learning their kit by heart - they can still fall short when compared to the others.

AlchemistWerewolfElfVampireTime Traveling NinjaSpecial Ops

Alchemist - A character with a fun play style and decent AoE damage and CC, the Alchemist is a unit that is pretty decent both in terms of stats and skills/damage.

Vampire - With the ability to lifesteal or energysteal (if HP is full), the Vampire is exactly what you might expect - a unit with good sustain and damage, and even with good recovery in the form of Immortal (if unlocked).

Werewolf - While the Werewolf is not among the strongest heroes in the game, he can be quite decent in certain situations. He's a middle-of-the-pack unit with damage increasing proportionally to his HP.

4 Soul Knight - C Tier

Soul Knight tier list - Every character ranked

Just like the B tier heroes, these can be quite fun to play, but they definitely don't shine in single-player. The Priest is great, but not a top-tier hero for the unseasoned player since they can be quite difficult to master.

BerserkerWizardPriestDemonmancerThe Beheaded

Berserker - As one might expect, the Berserker's DMG is extremely high, but he's lacking in terms of Armour. He can be a fairly good unit at the start with his powerful chaining attacks obliterating enemies, but he tends to lose steam towards the more difficult stages because of his lack of Armour.

Wizard - The Wizard doesn't specialise in Criticals, but has strong attacks that can also apply crowd control. She also has good range, but if enemies get close to her, she's very fragile due to her lack of HP.

The Beheaded - A rather intriguing character, the Beheaded can be unlocked by completing a series of tasks. It's a fun character to play, but sadly not an extremely strong one.

5 Soul Knight - D Tier

Soul Knight tier list - Every character ranked

At the bottom of the Soul Knight tier list are some of the weakest heroes in the game at the moment. They can be decent early on, but not too reliable in the later levels.

DruidMinerOfficerElement Envoy

Druid - While it might look cool, the Druid and his summons are not exceptional. It's a situational unit that can be outshined by many other characters in Soul Knight.

Officer - Decent unit in terms of damage, but nothing to write home about. He wields a weapon that can hold several rounds and has a cooldown.

Element Envoy - While this unit is immune to fire damage, it doesn't really shine in other aspects of the game. The one good part about it is that it passively regens Energy.

That's the complete Soul Knight tier list! If you're looking for similar content, we have prepared a Seoul Apocalypse tier list, Epic Fantasy tier list, and Eversoul tier list - note that they are all being regularly updated! There are other tier lists, of course, so feel free to look for them through our search bar.

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