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The best Destiny 2 King’s Fall weapons

Whitney Meers>Published at 05:20 ET, October 27, 2022>Destiny 2Looking to find the best Destiny 2 King's Fall weapon for your raid? The Oryx and his..

The best Destiny 2 King’s Fall weapons

Whitney Meers >Published at 05:20 ET, October 27, 2022 >Destiny 2Looking to find the best Destiny 2 King's Fall weapon for your raid? The Oryx and his comrades are back in Destiny 2, just as Savathun had warned us. You and your fireteam will need to have weapons that can really pack a punch if you want to fight King's Fall raid to confront The Taken King.

Although you might already own your favorite Destiny 2 exotics you should know that not all your FPS weapons will be suitable for the King's Fall challenge. We've created the best weapons to tackle any encounter in this new version of the classic Destiny raid.

Overview of Destiny 2 King's Fall raid loadout: Meta weapons

You should keep two things in mind when preparing your raid loadout: high-DPS weapons and ad-clearing weapon that will be used to defeat bosses. You'll need at least one of the linear fusion rifles in your arsenal to deal serious boss damage. Also, ensure that you have weapons that are capable of taking on many high-powered Champions or ads. Machine guns are an option.

These are solid options that can be used in raid encounters.

rbalest - Exotic linear fusion rifle

The Arbalest (random Exotic Weapon Drop) is a solid weapon for PvE. It allows players to do significant boss damage at mid-range range with very few hits. You can also use it to trigger Golgoroth’s Gaze with one shot.

Taipan-4FR – Legendary linear fusion rifle

While there is some debate over whether Taipan-4FR (Foundry Shaping quest rewards) is better than Reed's Regret and Cataclysmic which can trigger Font of Might elemental pools more quickly than Taipan. Taipan is still the preferred weapon, as it is easier to obtain.

Thunderlord - Exotic Machine Gun

Although some Destiny 2 players are still skeptical about the Thunderlord's (Lost Cryptarch quest rewards) viability it is a powerful machine gun that can do serious damage to challenging enemies and allow the player spam kill ads.

Divinity - Exotic trace gun

Divinity (Garden of Salvation raid reward), should be carried by one member of your team during every encounter. Divinity can increase the weapon power of your teammates, thereby increasing your team's overall output.

Loadouts of Destiny 2 King's Fall Raid Weapons by Encounter

Players will need to change their loadouts for each encounter because each encounter has different objectives. The role of a raid team member will impact how weapons are loaded. These are the recommended weapons for every enemy encounter in the raid.

The Totems

You will be able to kill a lot with a legendary pulse rifle like Insidious (Vow Of The Disciple reward), Horror's Least reward on rotation, or Insidious. An unstoppable mod is required for any weapon that you use to defeat powerful enemies. A legendary shotgun designed for close-range encounters. We recommend Heritage (Deep Stone Crypt rewards) or Found Verdict(Vault of Glass raid rewards). Thunderlord is a powerful legendary shotgun that can be used for close-range encounters.


Staccato-46 (world drop) is a strong option for a legendary pulse rifle.Arbalest due to its ability to generate high damage in a single shot.Taipan-4FR, for similar reasons as Arbalest.Alternatively, some players may prefer sniper rifles over linear fusion rifles. Whisper of the Worm, which can be purchased from Monument to Lost Lights, is a good choice if you have an exotic slot. It is one of the most damage-dealing sniper guns in the game. Izanagi's Burn (also available from Monument to Lost Lights), is another solid option for sniper.


The weapons that worked well in the Warpriest encounter should also work against Gorgoroth. If you're one of the players who are assigned to draw Golgoroth’s Gaze, Arbalest will do the trick.

For the daughters

This encounter is a good match for the shotgun and pulse rifle you used in previous raid encounters. Rocket launchers are also a great option. There are many options for rocket launchers of top quality, but Gjallarhorn is the best option. Hothead is the reward for Nightfall.


Arbalest and Taipan-4FR are solid options to defeat the King's Fall final raid boss.

Bonus: Rat King – Exotic sidearm

The Rat King, which can be purchased from Monument to To Lost Lights, is relatively weak on its own. It doesn't feel strong out of the gate. It must be equipped by other members of your fireteam in order to make it effective. It stacks up to six-times and increases its damage power when it is used with other Rat Kings. To make a King's Fall memorable, you can use your Rat King with your squadmates to cause massive damage to bosses.

Reloading after a kill grants you invisibility. This makes it an appealing prospect for Hunters looking for an invincible build.

These are the best weapons for clearing King's Fall. You can read our guides to the best Destiny 2 Warlock and Destiny 2 Titan build designs to help you plan your loadout. Don't forget about future Destiny 2 content, such as the Season of Plunder and Lightfall updates.

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